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Career success is an “inside-out” process. If you dedicate yourself to a careful self-assessment before you launch your next job search, you will find yourself in an elite group of professionals who know what they want, know what they have to offer, and know where their careers are taking them.

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Your resume is the single most important marketing tool you have. This book covers the most important topics you will need to master in order to create a military to civilian career change resume that attracts attention and job offers. 

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Self-Marketing for Military to Civilian Career Transitions looks at the new context of work with its universal entrepreneurial culture. Whether you own your own business or are part of a giant multi-national corporation, you can’t afford to think of yourself or your career in any other terms. 

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Jobs for Veterans: A Look at the Veteran Unemployment Rate

We couldn't help reposting this Time Magazine article we recently read about the veteran unemployment rate. The headline, The Veterans' Jobless Crisis that Isn't, is designed to provoke a reaction. The article, however was a page-turner.

The article reveals that the national unemployment rate for veterans is consistently lower than the national average. How is that possible, you may ask. It's the first thing we wondered, that's for sure. It turns out that there is a "tale of two veterans" going on in the numbers. If you are a recently retired Iraq or Afghanistan-war veteran between the ages of 18-24, you are part of a group whose unemployment rate is above the national average - 30.2% in fact. But, if you are a post-9/11 veteran between 45 and 54 your unemployment rate is 2.4%.

That's an incredible difference, we know. We'll let you read the rest of the article at TIME, because there is even more great information that we haven't even mentioned yet.


Careers With Staying Power

Continuing on our theme from Wednesday, here is a great video from CNN/Money about a job with an incredibly low, and stable, unemployment rate. Enjoy!


Careers, the Unemployment Rate & Reality

We all keep track of the nation's unemployment rate. Currently it's hovering right around 7.8%, and it's been that way for a while. But the nation's unemployment rate doesn't tell the full story of the job market. In fact, some new data has been released that should give all of our career transitioners out there a bright spot in their week and a lot of information to use to find their next position.

Allow us to elaborate. At the end of last week the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics released a small avalanche of data that included unemployment rates by occupation for 2011 and 2012, as well as the percentage change in these rates. For some occupations, the numbers are abysmal. 28.5% of actors, for instance, are unemployed. However other sectors faired much better. One bright spot that caught our attention was aviation. Aircraft mechanics (2.6%) and Avionics technicians (1.7%) both saw drops in their already low unemployment rates.

There are many other examples of bright spots in the labor market. So we strongly encourage you to visit this chart, put together by the Wall Street Journal, and the BLS page as well. Happy career hunting!


Self-Employed? 5 Key Business Resolutions for the New Year.

As the new year begins, you have the opportunity to set some business resolutions to complement the resolutions you might have set in your personal life. While you have a huge choice of resolutions you could set, the five highlighted in this article will assist you in creating a positive start to a healthier business for this year and beyond.

1) Resolve to work more fully in your areas of brilliance. It can be tempting to take all the business that comes in, and to try and make clients "fit" when they just don't seem to- but the problem is that each time you try and make something work, you may be moving farther away from your own areas of brilliance and unique talent. Sure, it's likely that you can do many things well- but what if you do fewer things brilliantly? Clients will pay more for brilliant results.

2) Resolve to select for your ideal clients. So much has been written about targeting your ideal client that I won't spend much time on that here. There is a key distinction between knowing your ideal client and actually selecting for your ideal client. The first step is to identify who your ideal clients are, and the second step is to take regular and consistent action to find and select them. This means that you focus on marketing specifically to them, and marketing as widely as you can to attract many of them.

Click to read more ...


Best Cities for New Veterans 

After bouncing around the globe for years, many veterans struggle with the question of where to live when they leave the service. Home towns and areas with civilian friends and relatives are sure to draw many veterans, but it is also important to think about the locations where new veterans can find three of the most immediately useful things for them: job opportunities, educational options and reasonable cost of living.

As it happens, and and USAA have teamed up to find the 10 best places for new vets. Here is the list, but their article fills in the details on what makes these cities great.

  1. Pittsburgh
  2. Phoenix
  3. Dallas
  4. Cleveland
  5. Atlanta 
  6. Warren, Mich.  
  7. Ann Arbor, Mich. 
  8. Cincinnati 
  9. Columbus, Ohio  
  10. St. Louis


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