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Career success is an “inside-out” process. If you dedicate yourself to a careful self-assessment before you launch your next job search, you will find yourself in an elite group of professionals who know what they want, know what they have to offer, and know where their careers are taking them.

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Your resume is the single most important marketing tool you have. This book covers the most important topics you will need to master in order to create a military to civilian career change resume that attracts attention and job offers. 

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Self-Marketing for Military to Civilian Career Transitions looks at the new context of work with its universal entrepreneurial culture. Whether you own your own business or are part of a giant multi-national corporation, you can’t afford to think of yourself or your career in any other terms. 

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Veterans Careers: Top 10 States for Manufacturing Jobs

America's manufacturing industry has been hit hard over the last few years, a result of the economic recession and an increase in the outsourcing of these types of jobs. However, there are still hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs available throughout the nation, and many top employers are having trouble finding skilled workers to fill those positions.

According to the job site, some of the most popular manufacturing jobs available are for assemblers, engineers, CNC specialists and managers.

Certain states are hiring more manufacturing employees than others. Aside from the largest states, those in the Midwest that are historically known as manufacturing hubs are looking to rebuild that reputation.

The top 10 states for manufacturing jobs on include:

  1. California - 42,377
  2. Texas - 32,386
  3. Illinois - 17,290
  4. New York - 14,790
  5. Ohio - 14,753

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Veterans Job Training: DOL Makes 11.5 million Available for Vet Job Training

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Labor today awarded grants totaling $11.53 million through the Veterans' Workforce Investment Program to provide an estimated 5,500 veterans with job training and skills development services.

"These grants will increase the skill sets of veterans and result in training and credentialing for jobs in high-demand industries," said Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis. "Our veterans made sacrifices on behalf of our nation, and I ask all employers to renew their commitment to veterans, because the best way to honor our veterans is to hire them."

Eleven grants were awarded on a competitive basis to state and local workforce investment boards, local public agencies and nonprofit organizations, including faith-based and community organizations, in 10 states. These agencies are familiar with the areas and populations to be served, and have demonstrated that they can administer effective programs.

The funds will be used to provide training in fields including software and computer services, construction, auto mechanics, security, logistics, nursing, physical and occupational therapy, hospitality and the culinary arts, among others.

Today's grants are part of efforts by the department's Veterans' Employment and Training Service to expand educational opportunities for veterans, support incentives for businesses to hire unemployed veterans, ensure priority "Gold Card" services for veterans through the American Job Center network and help veterans match skills related to their military occupations with those required by civilian jobs.

More information (including grants by state) on the Department of Labor's employment and re-employment programs for veterans can be found at


Special Offer: Save 15% on Mission: Career Transition

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Mission: Career Transition, our signature e-product.

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Mission: Career Transition guides veterans through the steps of the military to civilian career transition process. It draws on Career Search America's years of expertise to provide you the information you'll need to make your transition a success. Click on the image of the guide  to read the first chapter right now! 

Your complete multimedia guide to the career transition process for only $ just $125 for a limited time!


Why Does Mission: Career Transition Work?

Because it is takes you from start to finish. After Completing Mission: Career Transition you will:

  • Know what makes a transition successful
  • Find career options that are a good fit for you and your skills
  • Develop an effective career network
  • Succeed in your next interview
  • Negotiate for the career that fits you best

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7 Key Skills You Need to Succeed in a Project Management Career

Be Skilled at the Key Concepts of Project Management

Project leaders and team members alike must understand the fundamental concepts of project management and have the ability to apply those concepts to real work scenarios. The key concepts include the Project Triangle and methods for effectively communicating project scope, objectives and schedule to team members and business leaders.

Organize the Project Charter Correctly

The ability to structure and document the project charter correctly is crucial to the success of any project. This includes the creations of a solid foundation based on real business requirements and the identification of key players in the project. Additionally, you will need to be capable of understanding and meeting the expectations of all parties, including executives, stakeholders and customers.

Identify the Work

Once the charter is complete, you're ready to identify work tasks and requirements. An accurate breakdown of project requirements, assignment of specific tasks to project teams and individual team members, and an accurate assessment of the Level of Effort (LOE) required for the completion of milestones and the overall project is critical to success.

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A Snapshot of Our Nation's Veterans

Lets take a break from career-related content today to talk about our nation's veterans! The U.S. Census Bureau just released this great infographic full of interesting information about our veteran population. Does anything surprise you?

A Snapshot of Our Nation's Veterans infographic image

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