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Career success is an “inside-out” process. If you dedicate yourself to a careful self-assessment before you launch your next job search, you will find yourself in an elite group of professionals who know what they want, know what they have to offer, and know where their careers are taking them.

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Your resume is the single most important marketing tool you have. This book covers the most important topics you will need to master in order to create a military to civilian career change resume that attracts attention and job offers. 

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Self-Marketing for Military to Civilian Career Transitions looks at the new context of work with its universal entrepreneurial culture. Whether you own your own business or are part of a giant multi-national corporation, you can’t afford to think of yourself or your career in any other terms. 

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4 Things Your Boss Wants From You

 Not everyone knows how to behave at work. It's no mystery that employers don't appreciate disgruntled, whiny employees but the average person may not fully understand what the organization does want.

One of the most important skills employers look for in their employees is the ability to problem solve. Knowing how to approach a problem-any problem-is a talent management values. If a worker is able to take the personal reaction out of a situation and instead define, investigate, and resolve an issue, their manager will notice and often reward them for that approach.

Being able to trust an employee is also at the top of their list. Trustworthiness goes beyond not stealing a few dollars out of the till at the end of the day. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say as well as doing what you've said you're going to do earns you high marks with management. Not under- or over-stating your abilities, available resources, or capacity lets them know they can trust what you say in other areas as well.

Some people are a little surprised when they learn that employers actually value opinions. Staff can often feel shot down or helpless when it comes to sharing their perspective on things and therefore not believe that their opinion matters. What makes the difference to the boss, though, is in how that opinion is delivered. Pointing out everything that's wrong with a process without providing solutions (notice there's an "s" on the end of solution) isn't what he's looking for. He wants to see that your view takes in the bigger picture and demonstrates a desire to make positive changes within the confines of available resources.

And, finally, attitude is everything. Employers have enough to think about without having to deal with sad saps and complainers. Coming in every day with the best of intentions and demonstrating that you're happy to be there gets you noticed. A lesser qualified person can be promoted over a peer with a great resume simply based on his better attitude. Show that you're up for any job by smiling, graciously accepting performance critiques, and demonstrating a willingness to learn more about not only the tasks at hand but those beyond your current responsibilities.

About the Author: Vivian Scott is a Professional Certified Mediator with a private practice in the Seattle area. Author of "Conflict Resolution At Work For Dummies" (Wiley Publishing 2009), which is a practical guide for resolving problems at work, she believes the book is a must-have for anyone interested in restoring peace, training others to get along better, preventing conflicts from ever starting, and boosting morale. The advice contained in the book works just as well for individuals outside the workplace. See Scott's website at for more information on mediation and resolving conflicts.

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Jumpstart Your Military to Civilian Career Transition

As we've mentioned before, the Department of Defense offers as array of fantastic career transition tools and resources to veterans. But, through our many years of experience and interaction with veterans, we've also discovered that members of the armed forces both appreciate and benefit immensely from private career consulting and coaching services. These services, however, can sometimes be cost prohibitive and time intensive.

To meet the needs of our veteran clients, we've developed the Jumpstart Career Session.

The Jumpstart Session is a high-energy, information-rich consulting session that will help get you on the path to career success. You will learn to articulate your skills and talents, create a winning career transition resume, and develop critical networking skills for the 21st century workplace.

In this 1-hour career consulting session, you’ll work with Jean and Margaret to jumpstart your career search. The session is designed specifically to service the needs of those in transition from the military to civilian life, as well as their spouses.

Our consulting sessions are packed with helpful information, guidance and advice that you need to succeed in your career transition. In part one of the Jumpstart Session you will:

  • Discuss work history and skills
  • Determine natural progression and direction of your career
  • Identify skills/talents that are transferable

In the next portion of the Jumpstart Session Jean and Margaret will help guide you through the process of turning your identifiable skills and talents into a well-constructed career transition resume. We will:

  • Review your resume or
  • Help direct you to begin development of resume based on accomplishments and qualifications
  • Work with you to identify noteworthy accomplishments and key qualifications

In the final segment of the Jumpstart Session Margaret and Jean will share their personalized advice and expertise for professional networking. You will learn:

  • Keys to successful networking
  • How to utilize existing relationships for networking purposes 
  • The basics of developing a “career commercial” for yourself


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