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Career success is an “inside-out” process. If you dedicate yourself to a careful self-assessment before you launch your next job search, you will find yourself in an elite group of professionals who know what they want, know what they have to offer, and know where their careers are taking them.

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Your resume is the single most important marketing tool you have. This book covers the most important topics you will need to master in order to create a military to civilian career change resume that attracts attention and job offers. 

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Self-Marketing for Military to Civilian Career Transitions looks at the new context of work with its universal entrepreneurial culture. Whether you own your own business or are part of a giant multi-national corporation, you can’t afford to think of yourself or your career in any other terms. 

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Don't Neglect These Powerful Career Advancement Opportunities

If you are committed to career advancement, you must be willing to take important steps to achieve your professional goals. One critical career development strategy, which many professionals neglect, is building relationships with executives. To reach higher levels of the organization, senior level managers need to know who you are and what you have to offer. If you do not take advantage of opportunities to pursue executive relationships, you are doing yourself and your career a disservice.

If you have not yet begun to build executive relationships, the process can feel intimidating. Common fears include: What will I say? Will I be bothering someone? How will my manager feel? These are perfectly natural, but do not let them stop you! In order to advance your career and achieve your professional goals, you will need to step outside your comfort zone.

Here are some opportunities you may want to consider:

1. Engage executives in meetings. In meetings these days, it is very typical to find professionals paying closer attention to their mobile devices than the presenter. If there are high-level executives in your meeting, this is a wasted opportunity.

Rather than monitor your email or text messages, find ways to engage in the discussion. Make eye contact and visibly express your interest. Contribute your insights, or ask thoughtful questions. If there is an opportunity at the end of the meeting, take a moment to introduce yourself.


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Some Career Changes Come Unexpectedly

A Friday video from CNN/Money to show how one woman turned career lemons into lemonade.


Communication in the Workplace - 7 Success Secrets

Communication in the workplace is very important but with so many people involved, all with different personalities and varying levels of understanding, communication can be difficult and misunderstandings can arise.

Workplaces can be hectic places where messages are flying left, right and center: that is prime territory for miscommunication. Try to avoid that by following a few simple guidelines.

How you need to communicate in the workplace varies a little bit according to your job responsibilities. Those differ sometimes in whether you have responsibility for and authority over certain other staff members. It is important to realize that you only have authority in so far as you can get people to follow you. How successfully you get people to do that comes down to communication too!

Communication is vital in any workplace and here are some of the essential ingredients for good communication in the workplace:

1. Give clear instructions

You save time in the long run by taking time to give even simple instructions clearly and make sure they are understood. Leave a pause for people to ask questions or invite them to do so. It is much better if a task is understood from the start rather than you having to go back and do work again because it was done wrongly the first time.

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Career Transition Expertise: What Our Clients Say About Us

Jean and Margey put on a top notch program at Marine Corps Base Quantico that received accolades from the many senior officers in attendance.  They provided a number of realistic scenarios and proven methodologies, translated into an easy to understand process that was invaluable for those of us who have not been in the job seeking mode for quite some time.  I would attend their session again and highly recommend it to friends and colleagues.

-Colonel Barry Neulen, senior law enforcement officer (LEO) for the US Marine Corps at Quantico


Embracing Career Transition: What Our Clients Say

Our career transition approach works for all personality types:

Jean, thank you for your wisdom and insights during the recent ETAP held at the Pentagon. Although I, as an introvert will not be as facile as you, the practice and techniques you have provided will serve me well in my search for my next career adventure.

Bill Miller, Capt., Medical Corps, US Navy

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