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Tips on Interviewing: How to Impress Potential Employers

Why are job interviews so intimidating? There are many reasons, but here’s a big one: it’s an artificial situation.

Even when an interviewer does her best to put the candidate at ease, the job interview is still an artificial situation. Most job-seekers, who don’t go in with the right mind-set, posture and strategy (and that’s most job seekers), see themselves trapped in an “underdog / overdog” situation. The hiring manager has all the power and the needy applicant is at her mercy. They are unprepared. They don’t know what to expect, and whatever self-confidence they have evaporates completely as soon as the conversation begins.

Time to shift your perspective!


Use the Self-Marketing Approach to Build Confidence and Gain Control

One way to make interviews less intimidating is to embrace a new model, one that helps you maintain your personal authority, sell you services for top dollar, and foster a peer relationship with the interviewer right from the start.

To successfully use the self-marketing approach, you have to know a few things. First of all, understand what a job interview really is. It’s not a power game; it’s a two-way relationship where both parties have something to sell and something to buy. If the company is interested in you, they are going to have to sell you their opportunity. At the same time, they are going to buy your time (by giving you a paycheck), talent and ability to help them achieve their business goals.

You are selling your valuable services and buying an opportunity to succeed which you are willing to pay for in hours, effort and dedication. That in a nutshell is our self-marketing approach to the job interview.

How do you gather all of the information you will need to understand the company well enough to effectively use the self-marketing approach? You conduct career research. Career research is critically important. If you haven’t researched the company and don’t know what problems it faces, you won’t be able to identify a need that hiring you could solve.

Read the rest of our tips on interviewing in our FREE whitepaper, The Self-Marketing Job Interview: How to Effectively Market Yourself to Your Next Employer, available by clicking here!

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