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Best Paid Careers for 2011 and Beyond that Don't Require a Degree

When making a transition, it is important to gather solid information on the best paid careers. It's always nice if you can work at something you love to do and are financially secure enough that it doesn't matter if you earn minimum wage. If you fall into that category, you probably do not need any more information. For the other 99.99% of the population, here are the best paying jobs with the greatest rates of growth for 2011 and beyond.

Best Paid Careers that Don't Require a Degree

If you do not have a college degree, do not plan to obtain one, or just want to earn as much as you can while pursuing a degree part-time, there are some well-paying jobs you might want to investigate.

  1. Pilot:  Pilots do not normally need a college degree, but must graduate from flight school or learn to fly in the military. Former military pilots often have an advantage over their competition, since they have more flying time. The jobs are expected to increase dramatically, but so, too, will the competition. Most pilots earn a mean annual salary of around $119,000.
  2. Air Traffic Controller:  Sure, the job is stressful, but the median pay is $102,030 per year, which makes this one of the best paid careers on our list. Most controllers are employees of the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA. There are three ways to qualify as a controller. The first is to have learned the trade in the military. The second is have a four-year degree and a proven track record of employment in a "progressively responsible" position. The third method is to complete a program at one of the FAA's Air Traffic - Collegiate Training Initiative.
  3. Systems Analyst:  Computer systems analysts work with customers, both internal and external, to learn what the end users need their computers and peripherals to do. The analysts then plan the network, including the hardware and software, to provide a workable solution. Most analysts have bachelor's degrees in computer science or information systems, but others have degrees in business and knowledge or experience with computers. Systems analysts earn a median salary of $78,830 per year.
  4. Casino Manager:  Casino managers, or gaming managers, earn an annual median salary of $64,080. Gaming managers direct or coordinate casino operations and may be called upon to formulate the house rules for each table game. In addition to a salary, managers may receive fringe benefits such as free meals or lodging. Most managers start as dealers and work their way up.

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