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Career Search America has one mission: to help military personnel and veterans navigate the transition from military to civilian life. Whether you're looking for career coaching services or are simply casually researching the career change process, you'll find the Career Search America site invaluable. We have all the knowledge and tools you'll need to begin a new, satisfying and rewarding career in the private sector.

Though our program is addressed particularly to service personnel, anyone looking for a serious, results and action oriented job search program will find what they are looking for right here. We welcome all career changers and believe our services, expertise and resources will help you on your path to career success.

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Career success is an “inside-out” process. Whether you are a senior executive looking for new opportunities or a veteran in transition from a military career to the civilian workplace, if you dedicate yourself to a careful self-assessment before you launch your next job search, you will find yourself in an elite group of professionals who know what they want, know what they have to offer, and know where their careers are taking them.

Choosing a career that is both personally and financially rewarding depends on successfully completing a series of logical steps. These steps help you identify your: • Values • Personality type • Work preferences • Motivated skills.  These four elements of personal assessment will help you focus your research and develop an effective job search strategy.  

Available in Print for $8.99 in print or $9.99 in Kindle format.

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